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I am travelling to Penang

Today  I’m traveling to Penang to visit family and friends. I am travelling by Aeroline, a comfortable bus service. Aeroline provides  intercity transport between Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

I prefer to travel by bus and this is very convenient. I live nearby the pick up point in Sunway Pyramid / Lagoon. It stops at Queensbay Mall Penang, which is another convenient stop. My sister will pick me up.

Of course I can take a flight there from Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA. This will involve driving to the airport, allowing time for check-in and boarding. then the flight will take about 40 minutes or so. Then add the time waiting to pick up the baggage. And then drive to my destination.. this will take say, about  4  hours, door to door. If I take the bus it will take about an hour more. But then I do not have to go through the mad traffic and rush around the airport,  walking a long distance from check-in to the departure lounge.

The seats in the bus are much more comfortable and spacious with lots of leg room. The seats  recline and there are foldable trays for food and drinks.

As I am writing I am being served breakfast. Nasi lemak with proper sambal and fried chicken. Nasi lemak is coconut rice usually served with sambal (a fragrant chilli sauce with anchovies). This is a favourite among Malaysians. I get to choose my hot drink- tea, coffee or Milo. Milo is a  chocolate drink, is also a favourite among  Malaysians.


Proper nasi lemak with fried chicken.
Proper nasi lemak with fried chicken.
Spacious leg room
Spacious leg room
Spacious seat like airline business class. Certainly better than economy airline seats.
Spacious seats like airline business class. Certainly better than economy airline seats.

The seats have individual screens as well.

Conclusion: I prefer the bus anytime.

If you are thinking of visiting Malaysia and have some time to spare, do visit Sunway Lagoon. You will need to spend at least a whole day there. If you can, 2-3 days  would be better as you can also explore the shopping and food in Sunway Pyramid as well.

Of course you must visit Penang!! Other than being bias, as I originate from there, Penang is a UNESCO heritage site. You will get to see a living heritage site. I will probably visit some of those sites, but then again I am so used to it. So check it out yourself.

Of course Penang is famous for its food!  So wait for the next post.

I am going to relax now. Connect with you soon.

Comfy head rest. !
Comfy head rest. !

Zoonk….. zzzz


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