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Uncle Sam has 4th of July, Penang has 7th of July

Georgetowm Heritage Day

Delicious Satay
Delicious Satay

4th of July is the American Independence day. Malaysia’s Independence day is on 31st August.  7th July is Penang Heritage Day. On this day, Penang was recognised as a UNESCO Heritage site. Or rather Georgetown, the capital of Penang was declared as a UNESCO HERITAGE SITE

There will be events held to commemorate this event.

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I must apologize as I am blogging with my basic mobile phone. What I have done is I have a basic  mobile phone with data and talk time as it is very expensive to use roaming. I have blown £45 of data roaming. So I bought myself a local SIM card and a new mobile. Actually the mobile is a freebie. This is much cheaper. So I can use wi-fi when I’m at home but there is no wi-fi in where I stay in Penang. My other phone which is a Samsung galaxy 5 is easier to use. So this post is a little scant.

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