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Love Food Hate Waste Left-over Recipe is a Winner!


The chef cooked the dish!
The chef cooked the dish!

Just this Tuesday, I had an enjoyable time sharing my recipe with a professional chef, Ian Boden.

In a recent competition held by the Coop Food, my recipe was selected as one of the 12 winners.

I chose this recipe as it uses left-over chicken or pork and cooked this in our Love Food Hate Waste Class.

This dish has good feedback from the participants as it is easy to cook and the ingredients are easily available. Why not try it if you haven’t done so?

Click here for recipe.

The chef was supposed to add his own twist to the recipe but he did not do it. I don’t really know why. I supposed it was a really old family recipe and he didn’t want to mess with it.

I was told that it will be uploaded to the coop site and you-tube. I will publicize when I have it.

Here it is!

Here is the hamper – that was the prize, and some vouchers.

Happy Days!!


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