Chicken Curry : Curry Kapitan


A Penang specialty which is a family favourite.

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Chicken Curry : Curry Kapitan

Friday night take-away

23rd September 2022,  5.00-6.15pm Collection (LE9 8__, Leicestershire)

(should you need a time outside this period, just let me know)

Capitan Chicken or Kari Kapitan (Captain’s chicken) is a unique Penang (Nyonya) curry. The name is derived from a ‘legend’ way back in the colonial days.

The story goes like this. A chef ( Chinese, of course ) of a ship owned by the British was out and about on shore. He came across a Malay woman cooking a chicken dish which smelled out of the world and one that he was not familiar with. He asked the lady how to cook the dish, and she showed him how to prepare it.

So the chef went back and recreated the chicken dish and he modified it a bit to suit the crew’s taste. The crew and captain were impressed. When the captain asked him what the name of the dish was, he was caught off guarded and said Curry, Kapitan!, as he could not think of a name.

So he named the curry in the honour of the Captain of the ship. Kapitan refers to chief or captain. It is also a title given to the Chinese group leaders in the colonial days. The British would deal with the kapitan  instead of the whole group.

Curry Kapitan is slightly different from normal Nyonya curry in that it is generally thicker, slightly sweeter because we do add in a bit a sugar. It is also tangy as there is lime juice or tamarind and it is garnished with fried shallots.

So we have a lovely chicken dish for dinner! Normally, the chicken is bone-in but we are using skinless and boneless chicken thighs.

Here is the menu


Poppadum, dips

Kari Kapitan – A Penang Nyonya Chicken Curry

Chicken thighs marinated with spices, fried and cooked with spices.

Garnish with lime juice, shallot crisps, mint

(shrimp paste, shallots, coconut milk, candle nuts (nuts),lemon grass, chillies, onions)

Seasonal vegetables

Depends on what I can get on the day, usually a green vegetable

(sesame, gluten, soy, spices)

Basmati  Rice

Vegan chocolate Cake

(Flour (gluten), cocoa, vanilla, sugar, vegan butter)

*(Gluten-free, diary-free, egg-free options available)

Allergy Info

**This meal contains soy, gluten, sesame, molluscs, prawns, mustard, spices, garlic, onions, ginger.

This kitchen handles nuts, and sesame.

If you have any allergies, please contact me for more info.

How it works

I am putting as many precautions in place as is possible. Please don’t come out if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.
When you get near to here, give me a ring and park in front of the house. I will come out with the prepacked meals

How to order

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Order closes on Wednesday 21st Sept 10pm

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