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How To Cope With Many Demands

My recent experience has taught me again. the importance of being organised. I thought that I have been a fantastic organiser, so this should be a breeze. Alas, this is not the case. I find that I am now very slow in whatever I am doing, and hence take a long time to complete my tasks. On top of that, I am now so ditsy, ie, a bit of a scatter brain, in the sense that I forget things so easily. I am not sure if this is an age thing, but I would like to think so.

I am just so busy because of the amount of work that needs to be done. The biggest time consuming activity is baking the products and testing them. This does not only involve fine-tuning the recipes, but testing the packaging as well.

Talking about packaging, I find that product packaging not only involves how the product is packed or package, but of course this is very important as well; but also about how it is packed to prevent breakage while in transit, the appearance of the packaging, etc.

This process is very time consuming as it takes a lot of time searching on the internet for the packaging. I spent hours and hours on this. Then after ordering, I have to wait for it to be delivered, and this can take months. After that, I have to test out the packaging. This involves at times ( in fact most of the time) making the products to fit the packaging.

Then the products needs to be tested several times to be sure that it stands the posting and handling.

This is the dilemma of a one-person show. On top of all these, I have to learn how to do my shop. How I wish I have a team of employees to delegate the tasks to. Too bad, right now I do not have the luxury of doing that. So I am the baker, the postie, the sales girl, the truck driver, the banker, the whatever! Hence, I am everywhere, and I lack sleep! Anyway, I cannot complain as I think I have done extremely well. Having just an idea 6 months ago and now having a line of products which I am constantly market testing. Oooooh, it needs to make money. too!

The thing that suffers most is this blog. My intention is to have a post a week for 3 weeks in a month and take a week’s break and start again. This post will be my 2nd for January 2019. Hopefully, I might get one done before the month ends!!

Here are some of the photos of my hard work!

vegan snacks in various colours.
Dragon balls in various colours, fresh from the oven.
Chinese New Year gifts, vegan,
Packaging For Chinese New Year. Peanut cookies for Valentine’s gift, too.
Tapioca cookies, with eggs and sugar, pandan,
Sakura Box with peanut cookies or Tapioca Cookies.
foil wrapped peanut cookies, Chinese New Year gift, Valentine's gift.
Foil wrapped peanut cookies as a gift.
light and crunchy chocolate chip cookies
Spring Magnolia box filled with chocolate chip of your choice.
White Sakura flower box with peanut cookies.
New clean, fashionable box of cookies for your special one.
Hand made chocolate chips and nuts in a nice package.
New clean, fashionable box of cookies for your special one.
Xmas hamper to make yourself.
An example of Christmas packaging., Special tray and wraps.
colourful, easter eggs, plant based, easter gifts, gift pack,
Dragon Balls impersonating as Easter Eggs!

I hope you like my work so far. Please visit my shop to have a better look of the products.

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Thank you for your patience and please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback.


Penang Lassie.

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