Vietnamese Chicken  Dinner


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Vietnamese Chicken  Dinner

Friday Night Take away

24th June 2022  5.00-6.15 pm  Collection (LE9 _, Leicestershire)

(should you need a time outside this period, just let me know)

There is a bit of a change this time. It will be on a Saturday instead of Friday. The collection time is moved to a little bit to later.

I have been cracking my head on what to cook. I have done so many, so I decide to dig into my old recipes and there are some that I have tried again and again, but somehow I have not been cooking them as often as I should.

This time it is Vietnamese Chicken. I first had this in a Vietnamese restaurant many years ago, and I recreated it successfully. The dish is full of fragrant herbs and a balanced flavour. It will be unlike what you are used to in a chicken dish. The bursts of the herbs will awaken your palate.

We need a soup. as the Chinese normally do not have starters. So it will be glass noodle soup with minced meat.

For vegetables, it will be what I find is best on the day. It will be a stir-fry or somewhat like it. Of course we have rice.

For cake, It will be chocolate cake.

The menu is uncomplicated. Here goes the menu.


 Glass Noodle Soup

   Mung bean noodles, minced pork

    (soy, sesame, gluten)

  Vietnamese Chicken 

          Chicken cubes stir-fried in aromatic herbs with vegetables

      (soy, fish, sesame, gluten, shell fish)

   Seasonal Stir-fried Vegetables

        (soy,  gluten, sesame, celery, mushroom)

   Jasmine Rice

  Chocolate Cake

        (Flour (gluten), cocoa, vanilla,  sugar, vegan butter)

                          *(Gluten-free, diary-free, egg-free options available. Or if you need any

          clarification at all, please let me know before ordering

How to Enjoy

 Soup is usually eaten with the rice, but you can serve it as a starter.
     It can also be eaten the usual way with rice. Use a fork and spoon with the meal.
 Spoon some chicken with the rice and pop it in your mouth.
    You will get the full flavour when you eat the rice and the vegetables together.
  Sometimes we spoon the soup over the rice as well.
   Enjoy the cake with tea or coffee.


Allergy Info

        *This meal contains soy, gluten, sesame, crustaceans, fish,   garlic, onions, ginger.

        This kitchen handles nuts and sesame.

     If you have any allergies, please contact me for more info.

How it works

I am putting as many precautions in place as is possible. Please don’t come out if you have any Covid-19 symptoms. ( Ermm, I think it is a bit lax now.) When you get near to here, give me a ring and park in front of the house or near the house. Ring the bell or ring me. I will come out with the prepacked meals.

How to order

  1. Click the number of servings ( 1 serving is for 1 person).
  2. If you need to collect outside the time frame, do let me know in the order. This is so that I can store it safely.
  3. Go to checkout and complete the purchase.
  4. If you need to order more, do let me know.
  5. Don’t forget to get the discount code to enjoy a very special saving.

If you need any more clarification, please email me at [email protected] Or WhatsApp me at 07954 604 475.

Order closes on Thursday 22nd June  10.00 pm


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